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The benefits of using HD 1000 Can aid the following: * 1. Reduction of cellulite * 2. Reduction of body fat levels * 3. Reduction of training time * 4. Requires very little effort * 5. Improves metabolism * 6. Increased muscle strength * 7. Lowers some stress hormones * 8. Improves circulation * 9. Fewer varicose veins SLIMMING Reduce the unwanted fat around the waist and on the abdomen by vibration and massage, therefore polish the skin and reshape the entire body. Slims the whole body by activating up to 97% of the muscles at a time. WEIGHT LOSS Physical activity is the key to weight loss and maintaining a healthy body. Unfortunately, in today's society, not everybody has the time required to visit the gym or take part in sports activities. Using the HD 1000 once or twice a day for between 10 and 15 minutes is the equivalent to one hour in the gym and can burn up to 400 calories. HD 1000 enables not only an athlete or those in need of physical therapy to enjoy the benefits of using vibration exercise. There are wellness benefits for everyone. HD 1000 can enhance metabolism, reduce the stress hormone Cortisol, improve blood circulation and lymphatic flow, increase bone mineral density and elevate the human growth hormone. HD 1000 can help your body improve wellness with little impact on joints and ligaments allowing individuals even with physical limitations to take advantage of the health benefits of this machine.

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